French Crepe Station Catering (all-you-can-eat)
With our crepe station catering service, we provide the same quality of food and level of service as the Crepes Bonaparte truck, just from a more compact table top set up.

All-You-Can-Eat French Crepes
Choose 2 Menu Items (Dessert ONLY) — $7.99 per person
Choose 2 Menu Items (Breakfast, Savory, and/or Dessert) — $9.99 per person
Choose 3 Menu Items (Breakfast, Savory, and/or Dessert) — $10.99 per person
Choose 4 Menu Items (Breakfast, Savory, and/or Dessert) — $11.99 per person
Choose 5 Menu Items (Breakfast, Savory, and/or Dessert) — $12.99 per person

Click here to see our crepe menu options!

Spring Mix Salad — $2.99 per person (spring mix, feta, walnuts, dried cranberries, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing)
Seasonal Mixed Fruit Salad — $2.99 per person
Vanilla Ice Cream — $1.99 per person
Gluten Free Vegan Batter — $10 per batch (makes 6-8 crepes)

Lemonade (Strawberry, Lavender, Blood Orange, Blackberry) — $2.99 per person
Orange Juice — $2.99 per person
Iced Tea (Unsweetened) — $2.99 per person
Fruit Infused Water (Strawberry, Lemon) — $1.99 per person
Soda (Coke, Diet) — $1.99 per person
Iced Coffee — $2.99 per person
Coffee — $2.99 per person

+$100/hr Charge for Cooking Time (2 Hour Minimum)
Disposable Plates, Utensils and Napkins Included

Minimum Purchase Requirements Vary Based Upon Location & Day of the Week

Unlimited Champagne Mimosa Bar

2 Hours of Service 3 Hours of Service 4 Hours of Service
$9.99/person $12.49/person $14.99/person

+$50 Alcohol Beverage Control Permit Fee

Pricing includes bartender, disposable tumblers, fresh garnish & assorted flavor options.

Upgrade to glass champagne flutes for +$1 per guest.

Included Flavors: orange juice, strawberry, lavender, blood orange & blackberry

$350 Minimum Purchase Required for Mimosa Bar service.

Mimosa Bar service must be booked in conjunction with Crepe Station Catering or Food Truck Catering service

Crepes Bonaparte FOOD TRUCK (all-you-can-eat)

All-You-Can-Eat French Crepes
Full Dessert Crepe Menu — $7.99 per person
Full Breakfast & Savory Crepe Menu — $10.99 per person
Full Menu (Breakfast, Savory, and Dessert) — $12.99 per person

Vanilla Ice Cream — $1.99 per person
Gluten Free Vegan Batter — $10 per batch (makes 6-8 crepes)

Soda (Coke, Diet)/Water — $1.99 per person
Coffee — $2.99 per person

+$100/hr Charge for Cooking Time (2 Hour Minimum)
Disposable Plates, Utensils and Napkins Included

Minimum Purchase Requirements Vary Based On Location & Day of the Week


How do I reserve the date for my event?
In order to reserve a date, we require a signed contract and a deposit.

How much is the required deposit?
The deposit is 50% of your total for your booked package.

I see that you charge per person and per hour. Are there any other fees?
We charge sales tax. We do not automatically include gratuity, however if you are pleased with your service you are more than welcome to tip your chef.

What do you charge for kids?
We do not have a kids’ price – all of our pricing is based on an average adult sized portion.

How many crepes can each of my guests have?
During the time we are serving, your guests can enjoy as many crepes as they’d like.

When do I need to let you know my final guest count?
You can change your final guest count up to 48 hours prior to your event, unless your count increases by more than 20%. Ten days notice must be given for an increase greater than 20%.

When do I need to let you know my menu selections?
Your menu checklist should be submitted with your signed contract and deposit.

Can I customize the names of my menu items to match the theme / occasion for my event?

Can I add additional crepe menu items to my package?
For our crepe station catering, we recommend limiting menus to no more than 5 crepe options to expedite service, however if you would like to add more crepe options, please contact us for pricing.

What if there are more guests present on the day of the event than I booked for? Will I be charged more?
You will not be charged more if there are more guests present than what we are booked for, however we cannot guarantee that we will have enough food. This is why it is very important that you provide us with your most accurate estimated guest count.

What if there are less guests present on the day of the event than I booked for? Can I keep any leftover food, or can I be refunded?
We prepare and send staff based on the guest count that you finalize with us prior to your event. Your final invoice amount will be based upon this finalized guest count. No unprepared crepe batter, fillings, toppings, or ingredients will be left behind at the end of the scheduled service time.

How long does it take for your staff to set up and clean up?
Your chef will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to service time to begin setting up. Both set up and clean up take around 30 minutes.

How long will it take to serve all of my guests?
From the food truck, we can serve 80 to 100 crepes per hour. With our table top crepe station service, we estimate it will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes for all guests to get their first crepe. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to make a crepe and each chef can make 2 crepes at a time. Although our packages are all you can eat, we recommend all guests order one crepe at a time to help with the speed of service.

How many chefs and/or stations will there be at my event?
The number of chefs sent to each event depends on the guest count, menu, and duration of events. Contact the Catering Director for how many chefs will be present at your event. Additional chefs can be added to any event at a rate of $100 per chef per hour.

How much space do you need for your set up?
Each crepe station requires an 10’ x 10’ space. Additional space may be needed for beverage stations and salad service tables, if this is part of your booked package. Stations using electric grills can be set up indoors. Stations using gas grills MUST be set up outdoors or in a very large, well ventilated room (such as a ballroom). You can confirm with the Catering Director prior to your event whether your chef will be using electric or gas grills. If you are booking the truck for your event, the truck requires a 25′ x 12′ space on a level surface to park.

Do you require electricity?
We do not require electricity for an outdoor set up. If your event requires an indoor set up, we may need at least two outlets on separate circuits (we require 13 amps from each outlet). We will provide 15 ft extension cords to reach the outlets.

Do you provide lighting for your crepe station?
We do not provide any lighting for our crepe station. Please be sure that the location where you would like the chef to set up is well lit enough for them to safely cook. If you are booking the truck for your event, the truck does have exterior lights on the service doors.

What do I need to provide for the chef and my guests?
We provide everything necessary to prepare and serve the crepes, including tables, linens, and disposable plates, forks, knives, and napkins. We recommend having a trash can available for your guests to dispose of their used plates, utensils, and napkins.

Can my guests create their own crepe, or do they have to order strictly from the menu?
Because all of our crepes are made to order, the chef can omit /substitute ingredients in the crepes using the ingredients they have on hand.

Can I provide additional crepe fillings for your chef?
You may not provide additional crepe fillings to the chef. Because we are a licensed and insured catering company, all food that we serve must be provided by us. If you would like additional fillings provided, please let us know and we will provide you with a quote for the additional fillings.

Do you offer gluten free or vegan options?
Gluten free vegan batter is available upon request for catered events. There is a $10 charge to order a batch of gluten free vegan batter, and one batch makes approximately 6 to 8 crepes. Be advised – not all of our crepe fillings are gluten free / vegan, so please ask if you have a question about a particular item or ingredient.

Can I have the chef serving for less than two hours?
You may have the chef at your event for less than two hours, however you will be charged for the full two hours of service.

Can I decide on the day of the event to keep the chef serving longer?
Your chef may or may not be able to stay longer at your event, depending on our event schedule for the rest of the day. If you would like your chef to stay longer, be sure to ask him at least 20 minutes prior to your originally scheduled end of service time. Additional time will be charged at a rate of $100 per hour (can be broken into half hours).

Can I try your crepes before my event?
You may sample our crepes at our restaurant or at our crepe truck. A weekly schedule for the crepe truck can be found here.

Can you provide me with references?
References are available upon request.